Zero2IPO Capital

Zero2IPO Capital, established in 2000, is one of the earliest new-type investment banks and leaders in investment banking services in China. Based on Greater China market, Zero2IPO Capital commits itself to helping start-up companies conclude financing or M&As with the most ideal investors in a highly efficient manner. In the past 15 years, it has assisted enterprises and investment institutions in over 200 deals of PE financing, M&A, IPO, PIPE and delisting. The successful cases involve all stages of development of enterprises from angel stage to IPO and cover almost all the major industries that VC/PEs focus on.

Each year, Zero2IPO Capital assists over 20 enterprises to complete fundraising or M&As and boasts many successful deals in TMT, consumption in the broad sense and services, healthcare, clean-tech, advanced manufacturing and other sectors with wide attention from investment institutions. For instance, series E financing of iKang Healthcare (listed on NASDAQ), PE financing of Global Education & Tec. (listed on NASDAQ and acquired), series D financing of, series B financing of ANE Logistics, PE financing of Huajian Equipment, WPP's acquisition of IM2.0 (the largest transaction of WPP in China), etc.